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Online Group Meditation

NOTE: The online meditation is on hold due to Lucy's retreat schedule. We'll announce it when it's started again. Thank you!

Do you need support for a consistent meditation practice or simply enjoy sitting with others? Join us online for meditation on Friday mornings 6:30-7:05am PT. The schedule is as follows:

Fridays (PT)

6:30am  sitting (30 min)

7:00am  chanting (5 min)

There is a short period of chanting after sitting ends. We usually choose one of the following chants and will update the list from time to time:

Heart Sutra

Loving Kindness Meditation

Harmony of Difference and Equality


This offering is by donation.

Please register below if you are interested in joining the online group meditation. Thank you!

The highest good is like water.

The water benefits all,

and it does so without contention.


- "Dao De Jing", Chapter 48

上善若水. 水利萬物而不爭.


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