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Zen Study Group

Our study group meet on Wednesday at 5:30-6:30pm PT to study various aspects of Zen practice. It's led by Lucy Laoshi and is open to intermediate students who meditate regularly and are interested in learning more in-depth about Zen practice.

If you are new to Harmony Zen and are interested in joining the study group, please consider joining our morning meditation and/or the half-day retreats​ first, or speak with Lucy Laoshi about your background and intention.


The Wednesday study schedule usually looks like this:

5:30pm  zazen (meditation)

6:00pm  a short talk by Lucy on the study subject followed by Q&A or open discussion

This offering is by donation.

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"To study and at due times practice what one has studied,

is it not a pleasure?

When friends come join us from distant places,

is it not joy?"

- "The Analects", Chapter 1



- 《論語》

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