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Retreat & Workshop

Attuning to Dao: An Exploration of "Dao De Jing" & "Zhuangzi"

A Day-Long Workshop at Green Gulch Farm

Sunday August 25, 2024, 10am-4pm PDT

Led by Dr. Lucy Xiao


Nestled within the embrace of Green Gulch Farm, this day-long workshop invites you to explore the timeless wisdom of "Dao De Jing" and "Zhuangzi", two revered Daoist texts with profound influence in Chinese culture and beyond, shaping spiritual traditions such as Zen.

During the workshop, you will be guided through selected paragraphs from the original texts, uncovering their essential teachings and exploring their intersection with Zen. Through an immersive blend of teachings, storytelling, meditation, and outdoor walking, this workshop is crafted to inspire you to broaden the horizon of your practice and attune more closely to the natural flow of life.

This retreat is hosted by San Francisco Zen Center.

Harmony Within and Beyond:​ Cultivating Wellbeing and Wholeness

A Five-Day Retreat at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

July 9 -14 (Tuesday - Sunday), 2024

Led by Dr. Lucy Xiao


Join us in this 5-day retreat where we will explore the art of harmonious living within the embrace of the beautiful Tassajara valley. Together, we will delve into an array of practices that enable us to attune to our body, mind, and Qi - the essential life energy, and discover connection with both ourselves and the surrounding nature. Guided by Lucy Laoshi, this retreat draws inspiration from the timeless teachings of Zen and Daoist traditions, illuminating our inner wisdom and the profound interconnectedness that we all share. It will invite you to an immersive experience of meditation, mindful movements and self-care practices, while nurturing a deep sense of well-being and wholeness.

This retreat is hosted by Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.

The Dao abides in non-doing but  there is nothing it does not do.

- "Dao De Jing", Chapter 37


- 《道德经》

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