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About Harmony Zen

We started as a small Zen study group led by Dr. Lucy Xiao in 2018 and continued to evolve over time and through the pandemic. We are based in San Francisco and online.

Much like the enchanting interplay of musical notes giving rise to harmonious melodies, we, as individuals with diverse and unique experiences, converge to share a collective aspiration of awakening and mutually supporting one another on our journeys. Harmony is not a fixed state but rather a dynamic and interactive process. Our activities center around meditation, in-depth studies of Eastern traditions, while nurturing the well-being of both mind and body. Through our shared practice, we learn from each other and foster meaningful friendships.


At the heart of our practice lies awareness, loving kindness, and insights into the ever-changing and interconnected nature of all things. In this spirit, we extend an invitation to like-minded friends to join us, fostering a community where we can thrive and flourish together.

Long exposure shot of a waterfall in the ‘Kyoto Garden’ in Holland Park._edited.jpg

Human follows the Earth. 

Earth follows Heaven. 

Heaven follows the Dao. 

Dao follows the Nature of What Is.

- "Dao De Jing", Chapter 25

人法地, 地法天, 天法道, 道法自然.


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